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Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations:

Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) early and accurately is important to allow someone with ASD to understand themselves and their needs, and for others (parents, teachers, etc.) to understand their behaviors and how to respond to them.

The process for evaluating and diagnosing ASD in children includes starting with a thorough interview with parents to gather developmental information about the child. Additional information is gathered from other professionals who have been involved in the child's treatment, care, and education. Gold-standard measures in assessing for and diagnosing ASD are utilized by Dr. Wall. The information obtained from the testing measures and developmental history will be used to determine if ASD is present and to what extent the child will need support.


The findings of the evaluation will assist parents and caregivers in securing  services through their medical insurance, Regional Center, and/or the school district.

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