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What is Accommodations Testing?

Students who have diagnosed or suspected learning differences, processing disorders, attention deficits, or emotional challenges often need accommodations inside the classroom, for school exams, and/or for standardized testing in order to demonstrate their true knowledge and academic capabilities. Accommodations are provided at the elementary, middle or high school, or college level.


Additionally, testing boards, such as those for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, and MCAT, require students to have a comprehensive evaluation (i.e., "accommodations testing") in which specific testing measures have been administered and documentation provided of a specific disability that significantly impacts the student's ability to take standardized tests under typical testing protocol.

Why refer for Accommodations Testing?

  These are just a few of the accommodations commonly needed:

  • To receive additional time to take school exams and/or standardized tests

  • To test in a quiet room free from distractions

  • To be allowed additional or longer breaks during testing

  • To use a laptop in class to take notes or to write notes and complete assignments

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